Assessment platform for fast hiring

  • Refreshing Conversational UI for Assessment
  • Subjective answer evaluation with Machine Learning
  • Coding Based Assessment Tests
  • Library with 2500+ questions in 50+ skills
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Rank Candidates Based on Technical Strength

Conduct coding based assessment tests and shortlist candidates

Interact's easy to use assessment platform achieves maximum engagement from candidates via its conversational UI. Appart from coding based assessments , Interact uses advanced Machine Learning Concepts to evaluate subjective answers for questions.

Conduct Face to Face Technical Interviews.

Measures candidates performance during a interview

Interacts live interview platform allows recruiter to ask MCQ & Coding questions while being connected in real time with the candidate. The highly interactive live assessment platform also allows recruiter to score the candidates performance and shortlist the right ones post the interviews are completed.

What we learnt from assessing 11,000+ candidates ?

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Why use Interact ?

Time to rollout Offer letter
Without Interact
160 hours
With Interact
50 hours
Assessment Completions
Without Interact
With Interact