Our Customers

We love our customers, and they love us, too.


Naithrav Head of HR, Ideas2It

"Xobin Interact, as an assessment platform served as a filtering mechanism, the first round of our interview process, helping us pick the right candidates that would fit our organization. As months progressed, they presented us with quite a few features and enhancements, both in the testing interface as well as the admin, which saved a huge amount of our time. When I needed to test candidates for coding, Xobin gave the right platform to allow my candidates to let in their codes for the given problems and helped us focus clearly on aspects that were key in our hiring process."

Madhulika Co-Founder & CEO, Survaider

"We used Xobin Interact to hire our 2 full stack engineers. I got assistance from Krishna, which was very helpful, regarding best practices and common pitfalls. While the dashboard was super easy and intuitive to use, Xobin’s team assisted me with how much time each test can require to complete, since I was new to that. All in all, its a great product for growth stage companies, really shortens your hunting process with their exhaustive library of questions and other suite of features."

Rakesh Co-Founder & CEO, Taxgenie

"Xobin Interact platform helped us to declutter candidate profile who are technical sound for final interview. Prior to this we had number of challenges to find right candidate for recruitment. We are also planning to extend this platform for internal assessment of our own employees which will help us to plan for further training program."

Mathan Head of HR, Hakumanata

"Xobin Interact helped us a lot in conducting interviews and training candidates. User friendly & Easy to assign Test/Training. Helps to maintain the entire assessment data. Free from storage space and easy filtration process. Moreover, rectifies malpractice activities."

Abhijeet Team Lead, HCL

"We did initiated an internal team analysis program which was completed with help of this portal. We faced few issues which was immediately taken into consideration by Guru and sorted out."

Yuvraj Product Manager, KloudData

"We basically wanted to setup a new division in Bangalore, but wanted to stay away from consultants. When I found about Interact, I was glad to come across a product that solved my problem. I was able to roll out multiple offers in less than 4 weeks."

Arun Reddy Founder & CEO, Appscharge

"We had a lot of trouble screening candidates that applied for us. Resume screening was manual and laborious. We wanted to automate the process if it were possible, but we could not. Then we found about Interact and used it for one opening first. We were surprised with the quality of candidates that were filtered. We got amazing support from their team too. We saved a lot of precious time with the help of this tool."

Danny Co-Founder, Total Cloud

"Hiring is probably the most important thing for a young company like us and if this process is inefficient then it directly affects the survival of the company. While we can source people and resumes, it will take my whole day if I have to conduct all the interviews telephonic or face to face. To filter the wheat from the chaff,we need a tool like xobin which helps us establish a baseline quality and increases our final interview success rate by more than 70%."