“Interact was amazingly useful. We had spent a lot of resources on consultants and had almost given up on the position, but then came along Interact. Not only did we hire an amazing engineer at a very brisk pace, but also saved a lot of money in doing so.”

- Natwar Maheshwari (Founder, Around.io)

The Company

Around.io is a social media productivity tool for online sellers to promote their shop and build their brand on social media. Around.io features a powerful social media scheduler which helps sellers schedule posts for an entire day or a week using the Day planner and the Week planner respectively. Around.io was founded in 2014. Its headquarters is located at Bangalore, India. Its an Media Marketing company founded by Natwar Maheshwari.

The Challenge

Around.io was in dire need of a senior Backend Engineer to lead their team. Being a bootstrapped company, the cost of a hire was a defining factor for them. Interact helped solve that problem by providing a solution that could help them hire reliable developers at 1/5th of the price normal consultants charged.

Getting Started

Around.io approached Xobin in July 2016 via a reference. They had been engaging multiple consultants for a while but had no success.

Their key priority was to have experienced developers take their product to the next level. Being a bootstrapped , they had cost constraints too. They came across Interact and saw the customized assessment for their required position. Interact offered speed with precision at a price that was a market beater.

Interact was already being used by organizations like Fusion Charts, Tally to hire their Coding Ninjas. This gave them the required validation of Interact’s caliber to screen and deliver high quality developers.


Being a bootstrapped company, Around.io had a unique problem. They were finding it difficult to attract the right talent and converting them. Engaging with multiple recruitment agencies was expensive and time consuming without much progress.

Using Interact, Around.io could communicate with candidates and do a deep assessment on the candidates’ Skills . The process was both swift and efficient.

  • Set up a test to assess experienced PHP engineers.
  • Time Duration: 2 hours
  • Ease of use: Competent questions to test holistic aptitude
  • Sector Specific: PHP oriented Questions that would help find developers with the necessary experience and expertise.


Cost of a hire (INR)
Without Interact
With Interact

Around.io's Hiring


The Invite
Natwar invited all the developers he had from various agencies to the Interact Assessment


The Screening
Once the candidates were invited, they are then asked to take up the assessment set up for the role. This performance decides whether the developers can be shortlisted for further rounds.


The Report
Each developer then gets a report based on their performance. This report indicates the necessary strengths and weaknesses. The recruiter uses this to see if a given developer is good enough. Developers can use this to improve on certain areas.


The Interview
Interact and the bot then automatically scheduled interviews for the developers with a passing score.


The Call
After interviewing all the 8 developers, Natwar decided to hire one engineer for his senior team.


Time Taken < 1 Month

No Manual Screening

High Conversion Rate

For a senior role, Around.io saw a much higher rate of conversion with the Interact Assessments, ensuring everyone who applied had a positive experience.

Interact also solved another of Around.io’s problem with the assessment, making sure that the quality of the developers applying was always up to the mark, reducing the effort required by Natwar.

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