“Hiring was a time intensive task for us. Mostly because it took so much of our time. When we came across Interact, we really liked the idea and wanted to give it a try. The pace and efficiency of the product really surprised us. We saved a lot of time and resources thanks to Interact.”

- Smita (Head HR, FusionCharts)

The Company

FusionCharts is a data visualization company that provides charting solutions. The software is used to make over 1 Billion charts every month. With a huge customer base worldwide including clients like Apple, Microsoft and Facebook, Fusion Charts has over 500,000 users. Fusion charts is the unparalleled leader in data visualization solutions. FusionCharts was founded in 2003. Its headquarters is located at Kolkata and Bangalore, India. Its an Data Visualization company founded by Pallav Nadhani.

The Challenge

FusionCharts had an immediate requirement for a Javascript oriented FullStack developer. The requirement of D3 library also made things a little tricky for them. Interact helped them hire for this position in record time.

Getting Started

FusionCharts has been the number one in terms of data visualization solution for quite a few years now. But even the best firms find it difficult to onboard developers real soon. They have a modest sized team, and take quality very seriously.

Because of this very thing, hiring was usually a very lengthy process for FusionCharts. Evaluating every applicant after filtering their resumes took a lot of time and they wanted results faster. Interact provided them with the solution they wanted, testing the developers while saving bucket loads of time and effort.

Interact was a new product. But it solved the pain points in the recruitment process of FusionCharts and they were quick to jump onboard as the first customer of Interact. Interact was the solution they were looking for all along, and it helped them hire a developer in a week.


FusionCharts is the global leader in data visualization solutions, but when it came to hiring the best talent, they were stuck at the same phase most others were. Time was a paramount issue, and there was also the issue of verifying the calibre of the candidates.

Interact helped FusionCharts find the best developer directly from the first batch of applicants. Not only did the entire process finish up in just a week, there was quantitative proof of having hired the developer who the best among all applicants.

  • Set up a specific test to assess Javascript engineers.
  • Time Duration: 2 hours
  • Ease of use: Competent questions to test holistic aptitude
  • Sector Specific: Stack specific questions that would help find developers with the necessary expertise and the zeal to learn new technologies.


Time Taken to Hire (in weeks)
Without Interact
6 Weeks
With Interact
1 Week

7 Day Hiring Plan
FusionCharts Creates An Opening In Interact

Within just a couple of hours, a fully customized assessment for FusionCharts is created in Interact

Developers Start Applying For FusionCharts

Within just a couple of days, developers started applying for the position

Developers Complete The Assessment

Within another couple of days, majority of applicants complete the assessment, providing FusionCharts with a comprehensive report

Best Performers Shortlisted

The top developers are shortlisted for interviews. Interviews happen over a duration of 2 days

Offer Letters

Offer letter is rolled out to the best developer


Record Pace of Hiring

Fully Tested Quality Developers

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