“Finding technical talent is tough for a lot of companies, there’s a lot of demand. It can take a long time to find someone that’s a good fit. Candidates need the right skills, culture fit, intelligence and creativity. Interact helped me find these great candidates for our company.”

- Ajeesh Sadanand (Co-Founder, Smart Transfer)

The Company

Smart Transfer is an international start up dedicated to developing mobile applications that will change the tomorrow. A pioneer in the field, Smart Transfer also has an active list of portfolio companies that they successfully funded and helped get afoot. Smart Transfer was founded in 2015. Its headquarters is located at Hong Kong. Its an fintech company founded by Ajeesh Sadanand & Francis Lu.

The Challenge

Smart Transfer had a very peculiar and urgent demand. Angular/React and ES6 Developers who also know PHP. This for people with 2 years of experience. It was a tough ask, but when you are creating your founding team, you can’t take chances. Only the best will do. But with the technologies being so new, it was hard to find a lot of good developers.

Getting Started

Smart Transfer approached Xobin in October through a reference. They were running out of time as they wanted to setup their India Office by January. Although time was the first priority, they could not compromise on the quality either. They evaluated the Interact and saw the customized assessments for each position. They also looked at the flexibility offered by Interact in terms of branding and communication with candidates.

Interact was already being used by organizations like YourStory, Fusion Charts to hire their Coding Ninjas. This gave them the required validation of Interact’scaliber to screen and deliver high quality developers. Interact offered 24/7 support and a dedicated Customer Success Manager to get started.


While Acquiring Talent for Startups it is generally accepted that when a candidate has multiple touch-points (multiple interviews), the dropout ratio is very high. Using Interact, Smart Transfer could do a deep assessment on the candidates’ Skills . At Xobin, we understood the core areas of competency for this job role.

This is how at Xobin, we went about revamping the entire process for Smart Ventures’ recruitment using Interact. Interact was used to accomplish the following things:

  • Set up a test to assess Javascript (ES6) & PHP.
  • Time Duration: 2 hours
  • Ease of use: Competent questions to test holistic aptitude
  • Sector Specific: Fintech Questions that would help find developers already acquainted with the industry.


Overall, after a 4 weeks of using Interact, the following were the main benefits achieved by Smart Transfer:

  • Entire Team hired in a month.
  • No compromise on the quality with tailor made assessments.
  • Developers fully assessed in the latest (required) tech stack.
  • Hassle free handling of all the applicants.


Candidates Assessed

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