Assess Product Building Skills of Developers

Not just any skill's test. Real world challenges focussed on applied knowledge


Build an interface to play the game "Tic Tac Toe"


Why Interact Product Building Assessment ?

Identify Competent, Enthusiastic Problem Solvers

Avoid Interviewing applicants who seem great only on their resume. Invite applicants to the Interact Product Building Assessment and Screen for quality talent with demonstratable hands-on-experience in Coding. Screen and Discover programmers with the right combination of skill and problem solving ability.

Insights into Thinking and Problem Approach

The Product building Assessment can be used as a Programming Assessment to understand how candidates think through and approach a problem. Use Code Playback to view applicant breaking down the problem into smaller components. Analyze applicants on the ability to write logically correct and scalable code.

Right fit for Product Companies

Identify applicants with the right technical acumen and skills to take on cutting edge work at Product Companies. Product Building Assessments seeks to discover ideal applicants for Product Companies. Those who ideate a problem and can hack a technology solution in the most efficient manner with minimum hand holding.

Trusted by 80+ Product Companies and Tech Enterprises

Hire Programmers Based on Skills and not just Resume